Jerky 강서오피 오피쓰 강서건마

Dehydrated meat shriveled almost beyond recognition — an unlikely source of so much

gustatory pleasure, but jerky is a high-protein favorite of backpackers, road trippers, and

snackers everywhere.

It’s American food the way we like our wilderness grub — tough and spicy.


We like the creation myth that says it’s the direct descendant of American Indian

pemmican, which mixed fire-cured meat with animal fat.

Beef, turkey, chicken, venison, buffalo, even ostrich, alligator, yak, and emu. Peppered,

barbecued, hickory-smoked, honey glazed. Flavored with teriyaki, jalapeno, lemon

pepper, chili.


Jerky is so versatile and portable and packs such nutritional power that the Army is

experimenting with jerky sticks that have the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee.

However you take your jerky — caf or decaf; in strips, chips, or shreds — prepare to chew

long and hard. You’ve still got your own teeth, right?


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